I love the journey I have found in Art, ever consuming and so different for everyone.

Born in London, I have travelled the World extensively. I trained as a hairdresser and colour technician and also attained a Diploma in Fashion Design after moving to Australia to live. Art was my next venture.

Having lived in Denmark, the Philippines and spending time in Kenya,  I think this reflects the variety of subjects I choose to portray.

I joined the Noosa Art Academy in Noosa in 2003 painting in Oils, Acrylics, Pastels and other mediums. I also enjoy Sculpting. I received my Advanced Diploma of Fine Art in 2014.

I would say that my art is a mix of Contemporary and Realism. I love a narrative and I portray a deeper meaning within my art. You could look at it and find several stories.

I will continue to reach as many goals as possible with my art,  as there is never enough time in one’s life to stop learning. I love portraiture, animals and landscapes.

I have exhibited my art in Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland and the UK and have achieved sales in London, France, Russia and Australia. 

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